DeepOD Research


I am deepening my professional development in Org Development and applied Org Dynamics via further study. This involves preparing a proposal to explore leadership, entrepreneurship and competition in the Australian Domestic Animal Rescue sector via a PhD. The intention is to make a contribution that assists the development of this complicated sector.

To date this work has occurred under the guidance of the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia via a year of Pre-Doctoral study in 2021.
My proposal is a work in progress and I have a deferred place in a PhD program.

Progress June 2022 – I recently road-tested a potential action research method (the Social Photo Matrix) with OD Australia, using an experiential workshop format to explore the method, discuss other image-based approaches in our work as OD practitioners and to generate feedback from participating group members.


I am interested in speaking with people involved in domestic animal rescue and / or in research in this area as I develop my research proposal.  

You could be a rescuer or foster carer, a rescue organisation, adopter, someone surrendering an animal or you might be involved in some other way, for example an adjacent area like regulatory, enforcement, rescue photography, pet supplies, veterinary care or the like.  

My starting questions include:

  1.  What do you think makes the animal rescue sector tick?
  2. Why and how are you involved in domestic animal rescue?
  3.  What do you think are problems worth solving in Australian domestic animal rescue?  

Right now I am not seeking research participants, so conversations are not for inclusion in formal research. Rather, they will contribute to the development of the research proposal. Involvement in any formal research may occur later, by arrangement and with the right ethical and other boundaries in place. 


If you’re keen to engage in a conversation about your observations or experiences in the area of Australian domestic animal rescue (including via research), feel welcome to get in touch via the Contact tab. 

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